Dave carroll - president, music director

Dave Carroll

Instruments: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar

Experience: 10 years of teaching Band, Chorus, and General Music in several public schools in the Boston area, including Quincy and Newton public schools

Studied: Boston University

Specializes in: Jazz, Classical, and Rock 'n Roll

Approach: Dave teaches with positivity around each students' individual learning style. He creates a safe place for learning where students can feel free to ask questions, make mistakes, be themselves, and develop their musicianship independently. As music director at The Conservatory, Dave organizes and oversees the education process, ensuring that each teacher meets the National and Massachusetts standards for music education and provides a positive learning environment for each student.

Shooka afshar


Instruments: Piano, Voice, Flute

Experience: 22 years of performing, 10 years professional teaching

Education:  Master’s Degree in Music: Classical Vocal Performance from Longy School of Music; Teaching Artist Certificate from Longy School of Music; City of Boston Certified Artist; Dalcroze Eurhythmics training

Specializes in: Piano: Classical and Pop, Voice: Classical, Musical Theater and Pop,
Flute: All Genres

Debbie Apple

Debbie Apple

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello

Experience: Over 10 years teaching privately

Debbie Apple

Studied: Bachelor of Music summa cum laude, University of South Carolina; Master of Music, The Boston Conservatory

Specializes in: Classical

Approach: I believe that through learning music, students are exposed to the joy of expression, the value of perseverance, and the rewards of collaboration. By providing individual private lessons personalized for each student’s goals, I nurture growth by emphasizing a well-rounded musical understanding in addition to building a quality performance ethic. I introduce musical expression and phrase interpretation at every level of playing. Ear training, theory, and history also play a large part of my musical instruction as students learn that technique always serves musical expression. Ultimately, I strive to share the love of all kinds of music with every student in a way that enriches their lives.

Zach Baskin

Instrument: Electric/Upright Bass, Guitar, Ukulele

Experience: Active performer, promoter and educator with years of private lesson and ensemble experience in various schools

Studied: Berklee College Of Music, B.A. in Music Business & Professional Music 2009-2014

Specializes in: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk

Approach: Teaching technique and songs through motivating exercises, promoting that music should be fun first and a great outlet for expression.

David Callahan


Instruments: Conducting

Experience: Taught Conducting and Scoring for Strings at Berklee College of Music for 36 years. Music Director of the Brookline Symphony Orchestra for 18 years and guest conducting engagements with the Tallahassee Symphony, the Plymouth Philharmonic and the Paul Madore Chorale among others .

Studied: Bachelor of Music from Boston Conservatory, Master of Music from U Mass: Amherst and Tanglewood seminars with Leonard Bernstein and Sir Colin Davis.

Specializes in: Conducting (Classical)

Approach: The most important thing for me is to draw out of each student their own point of view in each composition and therefore discover the musical expression . To achieve this, a clear and dependable technique is developed from which the student's musical conception can be conveyed.

Pat Carr


Instrument: Piano

Experience: 16 years of playing, 10 years gigging and playing with ensembles of varying styles. 

Studied: Piano and Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music. 

Specializes in: Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Funk.

Approach: Finding the right balance between learning the notes, learning the theory, and having fun making music. I want to find what the student is interested in and explore how we can incorporate that style into learning musical vocabulary as a whole. My teachers adapted to what I wanted to play, so I want to do the same for my students. With a mix of writing my own exercises and using method books, I want each student to have an absolutely individual learning experience. 

Irene CHoi

Instruments: Piano

Experience: Over 20 years teaching experience in Newton and the greater Boston area

Studied: B.A., University of California, Davis, M.M., New England Conservatory, Boston

Specializes in: Classical, Jazz, Vocal Accompaniment

Approach: I give my students an experience that is well-rounded and fun. I feel it is important to end each lesson with the student feeling both challenged and inspired, always wanting to come back for more.



Instruments: Vocals, Songwriting, Early Childhood

Experience: Over a decade of teaching all ages, & performing. 

Studied: Songwriting & vocal performance at Berklee College Of Music

Specializes in: Performance, vocal technique & strength, songwriting. 


Approach: I want to ensure that my students feel comfortable to be themselves. We are all unique! All lessons will be tailored to a student's personal goals. My goal is to increase their skill sets and hone in on both their strengths and weaknesses with only one rule: must have fun!

carol cubberly

Carol Cubberly

Instrument: Violin

Experience: 24 years of playing and performing, 8 years of teaching

Studied: Bachelor of Music, Oberlin Conservatory; Masters of Music, Boston Conservatory

Specializes in: Classical

Approach: I work to create a positive and fun learning environment, and I adapt my teaching style to match the individual student's learning style. I help students to build a strong technical foundation through scales, music theory, and ear training, so that they have the freedom to find their own expressive voice. I also focus on body awareness, so that students play with more ease and comfort. My job is to help each student meet their own musical goals and to help them experience music as an enjoyable and inspiring part of their lives.

John frazee

John Frazee

Instruments: Brass, Drums

Experience: Professional musician and music educator in the Boston area since 1993

Studied: Bachelor of Arts in Music from Westfield State College; Master of Music Education, The Boston Conservatory of Music

Specializes in: Blues, jazz, rock

Approach: John focuses on each students' individual learning style and creates a safe place for learning, so that students can feel free to ask questions, make mistakes, and be themselves as they develop fully as musicians.



Instruments: Bass, Guitar, Ukulele

Experience: 8 years teaching privately to students of all levels. Has been playing bass professionally in New England for 12 years with bands ranging from video game music to jazz to top 40.

Studied: Berklee College Of Music pro-music with a focus in Music Education and Performance.

Specializes in: R&B, gospel, classic rock, pop & jazz. 

Approach: I center my curriculum around what the student is interested in, while creating a well rounded musical education.  It’s important to keep the lessons light and fun, while also creating structure and progression.

matt hull

Matt Hull

Instruments: Trumpet, Trombone & General Brass

Matt Hull

Experience: Taught both private and class size trumpet/general brass instruction in Boston Public Schools at the Trotter Innovation School and the Saint Theresa-Avila Catholic School; worked as a private instructor with Community Music Center of Boston; teaches general music with the Brookline Public Schools extended day program.

Studied: Berklee College Of Music- dual degree of Jazz Composition and Professional Music

Specializes in: Jazz, Classical, Funk/R&B, Improvisation and Music Theory

Approach: My goal is to provide a well-rounded instruction on the instrument and to help foster a natural passion for studying music. In my lessons, I focus on the fundamentals of brass playing, as well as cater to the student's own interests and ambitions. Students will look at material from method books, learn various repertoire and songs of their choice, play duets, understand theory concepts and practice improvisation.

donny landers iv

Donny Landers IV

Instruments: Piano, Accordion, Music Theory, Composition, Early Childhood Music

Experience: 6 years teaching privately in Newton, MA; 3 years teaching piano and music theory at Sociedad Latina; music specialist for the Kaleidoscope Creative Arts & Sciences Camp at the Leventhal JCC; music teacher at Williams Elementary School, teaching general and choral music to children grades K-5, 2013-2015.

Studied: Bachelors' degree, in Music Education and Film Scoring, from Berklee College of Music; studied piano performance with Bob Winters, pianist of the Boston Pops Orchestra; initial teacher licensure for choral, instrumental, and general music, grades K-12, from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Specializes in: All music genres

Approach: My goal as a music educator is to empower students to learn and grow. I see each lesson as an opportunity to encourage students to ask questions and guide them to their own answers. As we learn more and more together, students find that they can accomplish nearly any musical goal if they set their mind to it. I provide my students with the musical expertise and positive encouragement they need to master music.

Jocelyn Limmer

Instruments: Piano, Voice

Experience: 3 years teaching privately

Studied: Bachelor of Arts in Professional Music at Berklee College of Music, summa cum laude

Specializes in: beginner to intermediate piano, fundamentals of healthy vocal technique, songwriting/theory

Approach: I believe that in learning music, we open up new pathways to encounter the self. I seek to empower my students through a collaborative, strengths-focused approach that combines their individual interests with traditional pedagogy. Healthy technique, theoretical grounding and a well-rounded repertoire are all points of focus in the process of developing an authentic identity as a musician. I encourage my students to challenge themselves, but also to be vocal about their own interests. At the end of the day, I hope for them to leave not only with a new creative skill, but an increased sense of confidence in their potential for achievement in any arena.

WilL lynch

William Lynch

Instruments: Drumset, Snare Drum, Classical/Hand Percussion

Experience: Twelve years of learning, performing, recording, and teaching drumset, snare drum, and percussion; taught music classes for children ages 0-4 through Berklee College of Music; taught music classes for children with Autism; music director at Camp Tulgey Wood on Nantucket, a summer camp for individuals with and without disabilities; student taught Elementary general music at Stapleton Elementary in Framingham, MA; student taught high school choral ensembles and music theory classes at Nipmuc Regional High School in Upton, MA

Education: Berklee College of Music, graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Education, with a minor in Performance Poetry

Specializes in: Drumset and percussion in all styles of music, particularly jazz, rock, metal, and funk, as well as Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian styles

Approach: In my classes as well as my private lessons, I believe that music’s greatest power is in its ability to bring people closer together and closer to themselves. In group classes, I emphasize activities wherein every student is engaged in a way that makes them feel comfortable and challenged. In private lessons, I start with the student’s area(s) of interest and passion, and use the elements of music that inspire them to deepen their skills, broaden their horizons, and strengthen their love of music. In short, I love making music and I love watching passion for music develop in young musicians!

Johnny mok


Instruments: Cello & Beginner Piano

Experience: Born in Hong Kong, Johnny Mok started his cello studies at the age of five, and continued in the US in 2001. He earned his Bachelor of Music at the University of Alabama with Carlton McCreery, and Masters of Music and Professional Studies Certificate at The Boston Conservatory with Andrew Mark. In 2017, Mok was invited as a Cello Fellow at the National Repertory Orchestra. In addition, Mok has performed as Principal and Section positions with the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, Charleston Symphony Orchestra Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra, Cape Symphony, Cape Ann Symphony, Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra and the New Mexico Philharmonic. He is currently an active performer and teacher in the Greater Boston area.

Studied: University of Alabama, BM Cello Performance, The Boston Conservatory, MM, PSC Cello Performance

Specializes in: Performance, Audition Prep, Classical/Pop

Approach: I’ve always been a true believer in that learning a string instrument shouldn’t be difficult. I can help every student find simplest way to learn the cello, and to execute every movement with ease. With the difficult part out of the way, the fun has only begun!

kathleen o'boyle

Kathleen O'Boyle

Instrument: Voice, Piano

Experience: 24 years playing and performing, 10 years experience teaching

Studied: B.A. University of New Hampshire in Voice Performance, cum laude; M.M. in Voice Performance, Longy School of Music; International Education for Students, 2006 spring term, Vienna, Austria

Specializes in: Classical, pop, musical theater

Kathleen O'Boyle

Approach: My approach to teaching piano and voice is based on classical technique, but my main intention as an educator is to cultivate a passion and joy for music learning. All piano students learn scales, harmony, sight-reading, theory, and performance repertoire. I teach a varied performance repertoire, including classical and popular, but I highly encourage the student to communicate with me about the repertoire they would like learn, as I want to make sure that they are inspired by what they are working on and retain a natural curiosity to learn. I challenge the student to work through exercises, material, or content that may be difficult for them, but I also develop and expand on their musical strengths, which builds self-esteem. I use positive reinforcement and connect with each student through a healthy student teacher relationship based on mutual trust and respect. I have a keen ability to connect with and inspire young beginner piano students to continue working towards their goals. I cross-train my voice students in the classical, pop, and musical theater realms so they become versatile dynamic singers. The ultimate goal is to gain control of the voice and use it in many different ways. I also focus on ear-training, breath management, expression of text, diction, performance practice, stage presence, and audition preparation.

john Paolilli

John Paolilli

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Experience: 17 years playing, 11 years professionally.

Studied: Berklee College of Music

Specializes in: Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Jazz

Approach: My teaching style is focused on the music that inspires the student to practice and learn. Through this approach, we discuss all the techniques and theory needed to achieve musical proficiency and eventually excellence.

danielle pinals

Danielle Pinals

Instrument: Voice, Guitar

Experience: Songwriting for 10 years

Studied: Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University

Specializes in: Songwriting techniques for students from all backgrounds and skill levels

Approach: I believe songwriting is a method of self-expression that allows for a deeper understanding of one's self and the world around them. Writing songs can help to inspire innovation, organization, and creativity. I guide students in learning how to build structure in songwriting, balance melody and lyrics, and create music that sounds authentic and unique to one's own artistic identity.