One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
— Bob Marley

Group classes & ensembles include:

Early Childhood Music and Movement: Parents and children join in singing songs and dancing. We establish important music foundations through beat and pitch matching. A fun, silly time for everyone! Classes run for 35 minutes and are for ages 3-9 and their parent or caregiver. Cost: $20/class; $70/4-class punch card (save $10); $120/8-class punch card (save $40)

Audio Production Class: Students learn the basics of complex recording equipment and industry-standard software, such as Pro Tools, in our awesome recording studio. We will practice recording, mixing, and editing in this 1.5-hour class in an exciting and relaxed environment. Cost: $68.75/class; $275/month (4 classes)

Adult Group Guitar/Ukulele: Playing together is a great way to learn an instrument! This 45-minute class is lead by a great teacher and is all inclusive. Cost: $49.75/class; $199/month (4 classes)

Music Theory/Ear Training: Learn the ins and outs of how music works through identifying intervals, chords, and form by sight or sound. Students explore all kinds of music to see how it was created in this 45-minute class. Cost: $29/class

Chamber Music Skills: Students gain the basic skills for playing in a chamber group. They learn to feel the pulse as an ensemble, listening skills, verbal and nonverbal ways of communicating musical ideas, and free improvisation as a group. The class performs a short piece as a chamber group at the end of the semester. Class is an hour-long. Cost: $30/class; $120/month (4 classes); $540/unlimited visits for 5 months.

Rock Band/Jazz/Chamber Ensemble: Students play together covering the best rock, jazz, or classical songs by the bests artist. They have the opportunity to try out different instruments and learn what it's like to be in a band or chamber ensemble! Class runs for 1.5 hours. Cost: $50/class; $200/month (4 classes)

Adult Rock Band: Adults learn better in groups. In this hour-long program, you are lead by one of our experienced teachers to both learn your instruments and cover songs that may be difficult for you to learn on your own. Cost: $50/visit; $200/month (4 visits)