attendance & cancellation policy

For Private Lessons and Parent/Student lessons:

1. Every student is allowed one emergency cancellation without penalty per year. An emergency cancellation is any cancellation within the 7 days preceding the scheduled lesson.

2. You may cancel 7 days before a lesson, but you are required to schedule a make up. Each student is allowed two make-ups that can be scheduled any time throughout the school year. The third make up (and beyond) must be scheduled within a week of the canceled lesson.

3. All make ups must be completed between labor day and July 4th. No unused make ups will carry over into the the summer or new school year.

For Group Lessons:

No make ups or refunds are allowed for group lessons because the group meets at a regular time weekly like a class in school.

For Weekly Summer Sessions:

You can cancel your summer session up to a month before the start date for a full refund, 14 days before for a half refund. After that, you cannot cancel or get a refund. You can reschedule your summer camp session up to 14 days before the session.

For Lessons Canceled by the Teacher:

The student is not held accountable for the lesson price. You may have the option of a substitute teacher for the lesson if available.

For Monthly Subscription Purchases:

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at anytime by speaking with a manager or submitting the cancellation form. There will be no refunds for partially used months.

For Semester and School Year Plans:

Once the semester or school year has started there will be no refunds on these plans.

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